A Change of Scenery

Hello hello

I escaped! No, that makes it sound like I'm being held captive which could not be further from the truth, however I did escape from London for a few days and spent a lovely time in Yorkshire with my family.

Sandwiched between doing bits and pieces of work, I allowed myself the opportunity to recouperate and spend time with some very important people. I've come back feeling refreshed and happy, hooray to that!

A few little snippets from the weekend, in teeny iphone quality I'm afraid...

A litte cross stitch I made for mum a few years back; a chip shop where we dined (takeaway!) which seems to be the spitting image of Prince Charles; my new purse!!; an old photograph taken outside the church we were Christened, my folks married and I was a girl guide

Castleford Market hall - so much colour and bargains to be had! I fell in LOVE with strawberry blonde baby rabbit, it would have made a lovely birthday present! I bought (Mum bought!) the fabric and trims for my GCSE textiles pieces here, and enjoy stocking up in the haberdashery when I come back. There used to be two but sadly there's just the one now. Oh and how yum do these pork pies look?! I'm trying to do this whole clean eating thing, but some things...

Mum and Dad always take me to the most brilliant antique markets and I get all sorts of treasures! All of these pictures stayed behind, however I do enjoy the otter wearing a frock! I love the little hen too, and sort of feel that perhaps I should start collecting hen things, seeing as my vintage hen partie accessories are becoming rather popular...

More treasures! You may be able to spy my reflection in the mirror, showing off my lovely new bag (which I bought on the way up in King's Cross and the shop managed to leave the security tag on!) Minnie Mouse is mine, and I blooming love her! My favourite stamp man who refers to me as 'the artist' was pleased to see me, and I hadn't noticed before that he has books and books about stamp collecting.

The pictures just show some of the jaunts we went on, but my favourite things that happened were simply spending time with my family, laughing and eating and being merry - it was a very special weekend.

I've been working on something brand new and hopefully very exciting over the weekend too, the hard work is going to keep on coming because I can't wait to show you what is up my sleeve...*

Katie x

*it's supposed to be Summer! Why do I have sleeves?!