Squirrel by the Sea!


It's been a bit of a busy week so I didn't get a chance to blog about it before hand, but on Saturday I took Oh Squirrel on its first journey out of London. And we had a blast! (I'm saying this for gentle comedy affect, I don't really think I am two different people!)

Gosh it looks a bit like a jumble sale here! It was a busy day!

I was very excited to be selling at Craftaganza in Brighton, which is a lovely event held in Fabrica which is a stunning old Church converted into a gallery space. I featured on their blog this week too, have a gander at this. I aim to one day be the feature in Stylist where they talk about 24 hours in the life of someone with a great job (gotta have dreams!) so this was great training!


It was very different to be out of town, but a really great day. The traders on the same little island were all lovely folk and we had a really nice time chatting to each other. It's always a joy when there's someone to mind your stall whilst you pop to the loo too! *waves at new friends!* Amongst lots of wonderful folk I met a very lovely girl called Claire where Craftaganza was her first ever market. She is marvellous, read all about it 

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I met some great new customers too, and it was lovely to see a couple of friendly faces of old pals.

I arrived in Brighton very early, even earlier than planned as I managed to catch the train before. I took the opportunity to potter round (alas with my massive case!) & take some snaps. I need to pop back to Brighton soon, I had forgotten how curious it was.


It appeared Brighton folk share my love of things with the word 'bloody' on - the best seller of the day being my notebooks with 'I Blood Love a Good List' on. I was pleased to be able to solve some last minute Father's Day card woes too!

I ended the day with tea and chattering with an old pal so all in all a bloody good day. Brighton, will you have me back please?

Katie x