Why I Love Markets

Earlier in the week, this happened. It's very nice when people want to write nice things about me. I can't quite get my head around it yet but it is lovely!

Today I did Harringay Market which is one of my favourite events to do. Back last year when Harringay Market was born, Jessica took a chance in letting me be part of it, having never met me or seen in person what I make, she let me have a stall on the launch of her carefully curated local market, which I am so thankful for. I've been a monthly fixture ever since!

A few bits on the stall today

On that day it rained, I didn't have any cover - it was hilarious. Customers and other stallholders saved me and I laughed and said thank you. This is why I love markets.

Book Bags from Vintage Fabrics back in stock (& blowing in the breeze)

Harringay Market is a great community event, and I always love being there, whether it's a lucrative day or not! Being careful with the pennies, today I didn't buy any treats, but oh my the cakes and the curry and the burgers and the EVERYTHING are fantastic. My good friend Dianne write a blog and has wrote about some of the sellers, have a look here if you like. You might recognise one of them!

So going back to why I love markets - it is that sense of community, buying local and meeting people face to face and having a good chat. Today I had a customer who had bought one of my cards in Little Paris in Angel, and then tracked me down and drove down from Enfield to stock up for the year. I was so humbled! There were familiar faces and new customers too, so it was such a great day. I am looking at a little European "research" trip in the near future and was chatting away to someone about this (hello Anna!) and she reminded me of Air B&B which I had forgetten about so I'm now going to look into this.

Markets are my favourite.

Katie x