Old Sewing Machine Shop

A couple of months ago I was working hard on a deadline of invites, then suddenly the worst thing that could have happened at that moment happened. My sewing machine stopped working.

I remembered seeing a shop with a huge 'Singer' logo by Tufnell Park Station when I was in a cab on the way home from a night out once, so set to work furiously googling. About an hour later I was there, cradling my sewing machine, waiting for the verdict.

Anyway, that story goes on for a while (it all turned out ok in the end, and taught me a thing or two about when to panic and when to problem solve) but the reason I'm telling you it as I wanted to share about Tony's Sewing Centre 

I love sewing machines, and have been using one for, gosh maybe about sixteen years?! I get asked a lot about when I learnt to sew and the truth is that I can't remember! I have just always been a sewist (this is the word I believe we've meant to use) and can sew better than I can do a lot of things in life. I have taken tailoring courses, as well as five years training as a designer behind the big industrial machines so I'm experienced in when machines go wrong. In my previous job in Buying I'd spend lots of time looking at garments and checking their quality and looking at how to make improvements. Sewing really is in my heart, and there is a lovely sense of calm I experience when behind a machine stitching away.

Tony's Sewing Centre is such an Alladin's Cave! I have been going back and forth a few times as of a couple of problems, however Tony himself is an incredibly fair and kind man who has been really wonderful in finding the right machine for me, and giving me lots of tips and information about how best to use them. It's invaluable advice which you don't get in Argos!

I'm a massive fan of using local businesses where possible and I wholeheartedly reccommend to trip to see Tony if a second hand sewing machine is what you're after. You will more than likely pay more than you could just getting an entry price plastic one from one of the afore mentioned retailers, however the advice and customer service is a huge asset, as is the knowledge that you're getting a beautiful piece of history to sew on, which has been built to last. Being a huge sewing machine geek, I must say that the sounds second hand machines make are so much more pleasing too!

Aesthetically, old sewing machines are just stunning too. Here is mine!

& here are my feet by a beautiful old sewing case. Want.

Tony's Sewing Centre
154 Fortess Rd 
020 7485 1653
PS - Please note this is not a sponsored post. Ooh & here is the lucky cat from the shop! Apologies for his out of focus paw. Meow.