New Old Friends

I spent yesterday morning with one of my favourite people doing one of our favourite things... trawling through antique markets! We visited Alfie's and then headed over to Camden and I was so very behaved (apart from the massive Vanilla sliced I scoffed at about half past ten in the morn) and barely bought anything. 

I did find these beauties though! I've already got their little tag lines going through my head now...

It's often hard to be selective with the old photographs that I buy, however I've developed a good eye for it now. I adore my old friends, any know that anything which makes me giggle will certainly light up a smile in one or two other folk.

My favourite from this selection is the recorder group! The girls look so proud and the lads look so miserable. I was in a recorder group (I probably could play Little Donkey is you asked... AND I actually have one in my bureau!)

Katie x