Pop Up Vintage at Alexandra Palace Antiques & Collectors Fair

What a day! 
Having visited Ally Pally for various exhibitions, gigs and jaunts over the past eight years, I've always dreamed of what it would be like to sell there... I guess that another thing to tick of the list!
Set up was at eight o' clock, and having only got to bed at three the same morning, needless to say I was very tired. I wasn't out partying, I was making plenty of new stock for the day and boy was I glad I did! I actually had a bit of help the evening before which was incredible, we paused for fish & chips which was a treat when having a full day o' making.
Anyway! After setting up I caught my breath and remembered where I was and took it all in.
The event brings in all the big antique dealers, however I'm not really of interest to them! A music sheet collector looked at me like I was a murderer when he saw my cards made from old scores! I did have a lovely chat with the owner of the Museum of Brands , Packaging & Advertising  which was an absolute treat as I love that place. 
Other wonderful customers included a gorgeous Canadian lady buying a gift for her granddaughter's 33rd birthday and many people in stunning vintage dresses. I met some absolutely brilliant people and chatted about future projects, events and wedding commissions so it was a really great day.
I was sad not to be able to look around properly, just having a quick glance around as I had a quick run to the loo (thanks Kristy!) but it was pretty much my dream event. So many incredible things!
I posted a photograph to Facebook saying how I had to keep pinching myself to remember that this is now my life, and it's still the case. I've never had so many "likes" for a post either. All the support I've got over the past few days has been phenomenal and I feel incredibly lucky to have it. When I've got my feet back on the ground and been able to organise myself a little bit (give me a month!) I'm going to find a way to say thank you to you all.
Another wonderful event! 
Katie x