Old Photograph Print Canvas Bags


I have something new to show you!
I wanted to launch these this last week but life has been a bit hectic of late, so better late than never!

I've printed some of my old photograph collection on to canvas bags - and you can buy one for just £5 as a super launch offer! JUST FIVE ENGLISH POUNDS! I will also add a few of these to my etsy store as soon as I can, but in the mean time if you want to snap up a bargain tote bag, come and find me at Barboot tomorrow night:

Friday 5th April, 6.30pm 'til 10.30pm - Barboot, Little Paris - 39, Park Road - London N8 8TE

The pictures I've selected are my favourites from my huuuuuge collection of vintage photographs , and plenty more will be added soon too. I will take proper lifestyle photographs soon too, I have managed to misplace the battery charger for my camera so it's been a bit of an iPhone favour. The bags themselves are a good size and are pure cotton - I've been wearer trialling one this week and have managed to fit all my day to day bits and pieces in it.

See you tomorrow, perhaps?!
Katie x