London Marathon 2013

A good friend ran the London marathon today. At the minute I'm stupidly stretched for time, but there wasn't a chance I'd miss this. Y'know that friend who will always call you at the time you need help but havn't actually told anyone? That's Andy.

I got to the first post to watch but missed him. It was so odd being in Canary Wharf - I forgot how other worldly and cardboard that place feels. With the streets filled with cheering folk it did change the ambience rather a bit though.

Everyone running the marathon has a story, and a reason to put themselves through it! I'm nowhere near close to even contemplating it, but I have nothing but respect for those who do. Admittedly those I photographed tended to be the ones in a more creative attire... hats off to them I say!

I've watched the marathon before, but this time felt different. After what happened in Boston earlier in the week it felt like there was even more support than usual, which was incredible. The weather was lovely too.

Andy ran for Oxfam. He worked hard to train, as when he sets his mind to something he gets it. I should know, I used to live with his now wife! I have so much respect and admiration for Andy's achievement.

We saw Andy running his last mile of the race just by Buckingham Palace - it was incredible! I had to rush off to get back to work so I couldn't stay and congratulate him, however the huge grin on his face as he sprinted for the finish line says it all!

If anyone reading this ran today then well done, you've inspired me. I'm not saying I'll one day run it (I'd love to though!) but in terms of working hard to reach a goal and pushing that incredible machine that is the human body to its limit, I salute you!

Now I think it's time for tea and cake. Although very soon I'll be starting running again...

Katie x