Life is What You Make of it

Hello hello,

I have a little bit of news.

Usually this would be "ooh I've made some new cards" or something similar, however this is actual news. If you know me, have met me or even just internet stalk me *waves* then you'll understand that for me, starting a business has been an amazing achievement, which I'm very proud of.

I started Oh Squirrel last year as a new years resolution, and it has grown and grown. For the past few months there's barely been a day when I've not worked, and on top of having a full time career and commuting, this has meant putting in a lot of late nights, missed parties, and general hard graft. I am so proud of where it has lead me, but when I say I've worked hard, I really really do mean it!

For the past five years my career has been in Fashion Buying, where I have worked my way partially up the ladder, working for some of the high street leaders. This isn't a 9 - 5, it's a full on career and it has been an amazing opportunity, although after a combination of changes at work and in my own life too, it became a job I no longer loved and a job which didn't make me happy. I think you know where I'm going with this, and you're right.

On Tuesday, I resigned.

(That's my attempt at a dramatic picture)

So much soul searching & planning has gone into this, but I am so confident I have reached the right decision. For the past few days I've been in a strange state of utter excitement and fear, to the point where I almost feel a bit numb!


I'm not a daft girl, I have a business plan and I'm going to make this work! I will work a part time job to help towards bills, but for everything else it's down to freelance design work and Oh Squirrel! You think this would terrify me, especially those who do know me and my timid ways, however for the past few days I've had this strange levelness about me, one which I think can only be attributed to the fact I've made the right decision. When I've told friends and family, not one of them has given me a negative reaction, everyone has been incredibly supportive and helped me feel really confident that I am doing the right thing, however terrifying it may be to leave a secure job and jump into the world of freelance/having your own business!

I have said from the get go of setting up this blog that I never want to whinge and moan about anything that isn't trivial and silly, as there is enough negativity on the internet. Plus, I have friends to whinge to, and they do put up with me! To put all my eggs in one basket so to speak is such a risk, and for those who may think I'm being dramatic, I'm coming from the point of view of a single twenty something year old living in one of the most expensive cities in the world! I don't have the "live with family" cushion that a lot of folk in this position would, nor do I have a nice young chap to buy me dinner and see to the bills when it's been a slow month, so I'm very much aware the angle I'm approaching it from has a lot of risk to it. Frankly, I think this makes it all the more exciting - I love being independent, and although I don't have family financing me, I have the most amazing and supportive family at just the other end of the phone, or a train journey (although, oh god I'm probably going to have to look at how much the mega bus costs for the next few trips, eeeeek! I'm also not looking forward to having to give me my growing black cab habit either!) I have met other people who have done it, and those reading this will know who they are, and why I think they are wonderful. Life is what you make of it.

Anyway! To summarise my ramblings, this is a completely new chapter and I am SO BLOODY EXCITED!! There are going to be so many updates in the next few months, new products, new direction and so much more! I have also set up a new blog which I will launch soon which will be more of a day to day ramble about life, living thriftily and all the adventures along the way. I want to be inspirational in the same way that a lot of blogs I follow have been inspirational to me. If nothing else it'll be something nice to look back on when I'm old!! I will finish my current job at the beginning of May, and from that point it's going to be one exciting journey!

Setting up Oh Squirrel has given me more confidence than I've ever had. It has made me realise what I'm good at, and has genuinely helped me grow into a person whose skin I'm so much happier in. Again, I don't whinge on this blog, but believe me my journey over the past few years has not been easy at all, however I've come to believe that everything does happen for a reason, you learn from it and it eventually makes you a better person. Or if nothing else, you get a good story from me (like when I ended up in A&E after seeing Pulp...)

If you've ever bought anything from me, ever said anything kind to me either on the internet or face to face, if you've ever placed an order with me, or any of that, it is YOU I have to thank for the strength of making this decision!!! I would love to write a list of everyone, but I'd miss people off. From the very bottom of my heart...


Love from Katie xx