Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside - Withernsea

When we were small, the Easter holidays were all about going to spend the week with my Grandparents in Withernsea.

Withernsea is a small seaside town on the East Coast of Yorkshire. It's very quiet, and holiday makers are mostly folk with a static caravan or chalet.

It has some wonderful memories, and a few sad ones too. Those who know me will understand why I will always hold the community of Withernsea very highly.

We would play on the beach for hours when we were small (there's an amazing photograph of us by a rock, moments later Dad tripped over it, oh it was hilarious!) and in the amusement arcades too. One of the arcades has now been turned into a second hand store... not particularly the most beautifully curated one but the fact the neon lights are still blarring out makes it quite unique! I bought some lovely maps from there last year.

When I was at university my boyfriend lived up in Hull, sometimes on the weekends I'd go and see him we'd drive out to Withernsea and play on the two penny shove machines for hours - I bloody love those things! I will own one in the future, I've made that promise to myself!

I absolutely love the seaside - I even found a way to be able to write my dissertation in my (fashion) degree about it. There's something wonderful about being by the sea, with folk you love and a great big ice cream in hand!

Withernsea partly makes me think of Morrissey's 'Seaside town they forgot to close down' - but the people of Withernsea seem happy enough, and it really is a sweet place! For those London folk who go 'thrifting', by golly you haven't seen anything until you've gone bargain hunting in East Yorkshire!

Katie x

PS - instagram photographs! I brought my SLR up to Yorkshire with all intents and purposes to take some lovely photographs of my homeland, alas I didn't charge the battery, and on its first adventure it did die.

PPS - who fancies coming to 'Karaoke with Randy Andy' with me?!