How to Entertain Yourself on a Train

Do you train a lot? And by train, I mean sit on one.
My daily commute includes a bus and a packed tube, so it's rare I get a good segment of time to just sit and be. Perhaps that's one of the reasons I am just rubbish at sitting and being.

When I travel up to Yorkshire I get a good couple of hours of sitting, and it is quite a treat. I generally travel on Grand Central which are lovely trains with monopoly boards on the tables, and really lovely ticket collecting folk so it can be a nice experience.

Some of the things I do when I travel include:
* Blogging - *waves*

* Hand sewing - there's a bit swatch of aida with my name on it on my bag...

* Catching up on emails. This depends on the internet connection but it's so lovely to get a chance to reply to emails I've not gotten round to

* Reading magazines. See this blog

* Making lists of things I must do when I get to the place I'm going. If I'm en route to a market then I think about the order I'm going to do things to be as best use of my time as possible

* Knit - I haven't done this in ages but I used to love knitting on the train. I always dreamt I would meet me prince charming by accidentally elbowing him, and chasing my ball of yarn that would then land at his feet. Ahh! There's still time

* Creating albums on my iPad to organise photographs. This is a job I really need to catch up on!

* Sleeping. Not advisable!

What I do not do:
* Call everyone I know and talk loudly, informing the whole carriage of what I have been up to and what so and such said to so and such...

* Read a book. I am useless at this. I don't know why I've lost the ability to read a book properly. I'm blaming some sort of adult ADHD, is that a thing?

* Find my ticket and railcard in advance, there's usually a small panic

* Reserve seats, eek! This is why mid writing this blog I had to move and am now sat in the vestibule by the toilets. Not quite the glamour I had hoped for but at least it is a seat!

Katie x

PS I didn't not have a suitable image, so I just used a nice 'hello' one instead. For no other reason!