Things I have learnt from reading April's Cosmopolitan & Company Magazines

1. Apparently it's important to not be tagged in the same outfit more than once. I don't think it's that important is it?! 

2. Sewing is trendy. Therefore I am on trend. Slightly smug about that.

3. April is all about career for Cancerians. This is very appropriate, and although I only take horoscopes at face value, it's always nice to get their support!

4. Brogues in pastel colours are lovely. I shall be buying plenty of those! Although not these nasty wedge shoe things - I wish they would go away please.

5. I probably don't need to buy any new clothes for SS13! Key trends as follows:
Pastels & faded florals - check
Jumpsuits - check
Double denim - shut up

6. Loud printed trousers are still knocking about. The shops can keep those.

7. Hashtag "generationrent" is a thing. For the past few years I've been obsessed its saving up to buy, what I can afford and when and where etc. I have a lovely flat and live with my friends. I'm twenty five. I can relax, and this article actually has done me good.

8. I think this lovely lovely font will have had its day soon. Now, how can I sell my handwriting as a font?!

9. Zooey Deschanel can do a grand total of no wrong.

Perhaps I'll have a sherry or two and do another version of this! I forgot how funny some of the other articles in these magazines are...

Katie x