Ramblings of a DAY OFF

Life is all over the shop at the moment! I have eight days (yes eight days!) off work. This includes weekends, and one of them was today so it's now seven days, but still it's a really welcome and needed break from office life, and gives me time to focus on my real life, and what I love doing,

I spent most of the day alone, however I had a couple of encounters. I took my sewing machinery be fixed as it has given up the ghost, and met a really wonderful sewing machine man. He has leant me a bit of a dream machine and I think I may be buying it now. I'll share more about this later. I think it's interesting anyway!

& then the handyman came round to do some jobs, cut a long story short, I have acquired a pair of gorgeous rose weave vintage curtains! Overcoming awkwardness and shyness to talk to folk does pay off!

Yesterday presented similar random events too, I enjoyed that.

I had a nice walk to drop off some bits for local customers, I was so busy that I didn't have time to think what I looked like before I left the house, so threw on a little duffle coat and wrapped my scarf thrice. A year back I'd not have been able to do that, I feel a lot more ease with just being myself these days. I think it's those size eight jeans that changes everything, ha!

I'm learning that challenges can be fun, and I fretting about everything gets nowhere. I think I'm going to solve a few problems this week.

Ooh prolific! Bed time!

Katie x