10 Reasons why I have smiled a lot today

1. It is SATURDAY!
2. I visited Goldhawk Road and bought some amazing new fabrics
3. I had a sausage roll
4. It was the most amazing little lady's 4th birthday party and I helped decorate the hall...
5. I got to "DJ" musical statues!
6. Cake was enjoyed, a plenty
7. I got to dress like a fairy and have a GLITTER SWAN TATTOO
8. As well as amazing seeing this amazing lady and her gorgeous little bro I got to spend time with my very good friend who I miss lots
9. I got to wave a magic wand made from a knitting needle and ribbons
10. I received a lovely email from one of the ladies I've worked on a hen party pack for, saying I "exceeded expectation" - this alone would have made my day. It makes me so happy when I know I've made someone else happy!

Other good things include a nice man chasing me when divvy that I am I left my bag on the train, getting a really special text message that made me smile a lot, finding lots of nice photographs on my camera and arranging nice things with my friends, oh and cake!

Life is what you make of it x