"Vintage" Oh Squirrel

I'm having a lovely weekend! I hope you are too?

Whilst looking for some files on my computer, I came across a folder of images from the first Oh Squirrel shoot, which my lovely friend Nadia took almost a year ago (you can't tell from looking at them, look at how gorgeous the weather is!)



It's so strange looking at these as everything on the photographs has long since been sold, and it's really funny to look back! I'm so proud of all the hard work I've put into Oh Squirrel, and how the little brand has grown within the last year.

A lot of old work (university and college work for example) I look back on and cringe a bit - but looking back on all of these photographs I feel really inspired. Just before this shoot, I had spent the weekend in Paris where I sourced some beautiful fabrics and papers. Looking at this I really do feel like a little jaunt to source new bits would certainly be a good thing to do (and a HOLIDAY!)

Now, Nadia is a professional photographer, who has been published in many magazines. Being a good friend, she wanted to take a nice photograph of me as well as my work. I laughed, I do not photograph well at all. I have been sat giggling my little face off at these photographs from the shoot, which were in an "outtakes" folder! This is absolutely no bearing on Nadia and her skills at all, I. do. not. photograph. well. I do however have a sense of humour, so have a laugh at these!!


I must say, finding those photographs has cheered me right up! I was having a bit of a blue day with quite a bit on my mind (I have decided that I will not moan and whinge on my blog, there is enough negativity on the internet!) and now I feel well and truly inspired.


Katie xx