By golly, it's almost next year!

I don't think that when a new year comes around anyone should suddenly change. The mass advertising for gyms and other products that can make us 'better' people always makes me laugh, as I firmly believe that if at any point you want to make a change, then it's daft to wait until a new year!

That said, I'm always one to make resolutions! I don't want to quit or drastically change anything (2013 was a year of big changes!), but just want to set a few little reminders to myself of what I would like to work on for the year. So! These are my 5 resolutions. These are my personal ones, I have plenty of plans and lists for Oh Squirrel, these are mine:

1. Buy less things, but love the things I buy. 

I've started on this already and it's really lovely. It doesn't mean I spend less money (although it does on some things), but does mean I have a less cluttered life. I've always been one to fill the shopping basket, and buy things I like but don't necessarily need. 5 years of sample sales working in retail head offices hasn't helped this at all! It's more of a case of only buy that dress if it really is special, and most importantly, if it fits!

2. Value my time

Since becoming self employed, time is something there is never enough of. The 18 hour days I've pulled recently coupled with general chaos have left me very little time for fun and games and I miss that. I've started to value an afternoon off, an odd lie in or a nice walk more than I ever had before. The thing I've struggled most with is not seeing friends and family quite as much as I'd like, but when I do see them it's been all the more special. I'm so grateful that I've been so busy (and long may it continue please!), but valuing my time and trying to make a little more of it for myself is high on my list of things to remember for 2014.

3. Look after myself

I've indulged this Christmas, and there's nothing wrong with that! But better behaviour from Wednesday, well, after all the chocolate is finished...

4. Find a new hobby...

... that isn't a craft! That said I'd LOVE to do furniture restoration. I'd like to meet more people and find something which challenges me. I'm not sure what it will be yet. Probably not a language or instrument, perhaps volunteering... suggestions welcome!

5. Keep in touch better.

I'm not bad at this, but I'd like to be better. I bought a box of 100 postcards yesterday and I'm going to send one a week to a different friend or relative. I am also going to start picking up the phone more too! Any self employed folk who largely work on their own will understand that at times it can be a lonely (alas wonderful!) little bubble and just having one jolly conversation can put you in a really good mood, which has an effect on everything.

I think I will also put a list together of 10 things I'd like to do this year, but that's for later. I'm being ever so reflective today! 

If you're starting to ponder your new year's resolutions and fancy a memorable way to keep them on your mind, perhaps one of these fabric tags may be of interest to you! But more of that later!