That's all I can say really, THANK YOU! To all my wonderful customers, stockists, clients and supportive friends and family. Christmas has been brilliant and now I'm so pleased to have a very well desereved few days off!

15 Christmas markets, countless etsy orders, and hundreds of happy customers! I hope anyone receiving an Oh Squirrel gift or card tomorrow truly loves it (HELLO IF THIS IS YOU!)

I'm having a little break over Christmas which is truly bliss. My etsy shop remains open for you to spend your Christmas pennies if you like, but orders won't be shipped until the New Year. 

I will be writing a few blogs posts over the holidays looking back on a super year and hinting at some of the big plans for the new year, so if you fancy a nosey whilst enjoying your sherry and mince pie then do pop back and have a look. Don't spill your sherry on your keyboard though, that'd be daft. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!