Oh Squirrel Featured on Domestic Sluttery!

Last night I was at the Christmas Soiree for my business group having a jolly ol' time. I glanced at my phone to see what time it was and the screen had gone a bit mental - I had a full page and scroll list of etsy orders!

I've been enjoying a nice flurry of etsy orders in the last week, but not this many in one go, and I had no idea why! Then this morning I got a tweet from a pal saying how nice it was to see me on the Domestic Sluttery blog. I looked at the most recent post and said she must have got it wrong... I was then sent a link to THIS
Squuueeeeeaaal! All explained! I'm so so so chuffed about this! The fabric message tags have been a firm favourite at markets and craft fairs for the last few months and I keep selling out of certain messages, and now look at this - Oh Squirrel featured on Domestic Sluttery!
Everything feels like a milestone at the moment. The last few months have been the hardest work squirreling away until the small hours and then rising again to continue in the slightly larger small hours... & when things like this happen you remember how worth it all is really is.
Thank you!!!!!!