Keeping it North - A Haringey Christmas Event Spectacular

So the Christmas markets are in full swing!

I've already discovered what my bestsellers are for the festive season and am hard at work at making more as there are so many exciting things coming up! 

This weekend, I am here!

& here!

Two lovely events, pretty close to home for me! (click on the banner for Harringay Market to take you to their website for details)

I wanted to mention as well that with the way the months have fallen, this will be my last date at Harringay Market for 2013! With this in mind, if you're a local and one of my brilliant familiar faces who come and see me at the market, please pop along for Christmas Cards, decorations, stocking filler ideas, and just to say hello! I'll have birthday cards and the usual stock with me too, but to make way for the Christmas stock I'll only be bringing a limited selection of this so please pop me an email before Saturday if there's something in particular you're after.

See you this weekend, perhaps?!