I Bloody Love Carrier Bags

Yes, I do!
So, if you've ever bought something from me at a market or fair, and you've accepted my offer of 'would you like a bag?', it's likely you've seen my carrier bags

I make me own! Now, on my first ever stall I didn't do this, I bought plain brown ones and tried to stamp 'oh squirrel' on them, but kept spelling it wrong! Soon after, the handmade bag was born, and folk seem to love them.

I use a selection of books and papers, stitch them with whatever colour is on my machine (waste not, want not!) and then stamp with my details - simple ay? As I used old books in a lot of my makes, I use the less perfect pages for these, as I like to use every bit of the book rather than make any more waste.

I was thinking earlier about carrier bags and my love affair with them. When I was at high school I was obsessed with them! Bit sad, but hear me out! I'm not sure if it's the case now as we're a canvas tote society (hooray!) but at school a lot of your street cred was judged on your PE kit carrier bag. Back then, I always aspired to have a Morgan or Kookai carrier bag (actually hilarious now, although Kookai has gotten nice again!) but in lower school I made do with a Next or M&S bag. I then was more into "alternative" shop carrier bags as I got older, but still, it was a status thing. I remember thinking that if I had a Harvey Nicholls bag I'd be successful. How funny, ay? I'm curious about the psychology of that, but as a teenager you feel everything about you is being judged.

Fast forward to grown-up-dom, living in London and working in fashion and it was fancy carrier bags gallore! I remember my first Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, and first Agent Provocateur one too (note, both came from purchases of under £20... snazzy shops selling books!) I then worked for a high end department store which famously has shiny yellow carrier bags, and for the 6 months I was there with a discount card, my flat was pretty much littered with these! I don't know why, but there has always been something about me that gets excited by a nice carrier bag!

Now, I shop a lot less, but I still love a good bag. 90% of the time I use totes though. 

Anyway! Back to my bags! I've had lots of commissions for these as goody bags for weddings and hen parties, and for Christmas I've put them together as gift bags, so you can purchase a pack of them at any of the Christmas markets I'm doing this year. If you can't make it to one of these events but would like some to make your Christmas presents look particularly thoughtful, please get in touch.

The only thing is, I don't think you could fit your PE kit in one, unless you're a small doll