Well I haven't done very well, have I?!

Do you remember this lovely jar project?

I LOVED this idea, and you know what - I didn't keep it up - I'm so disappointed in myself!

It's a lot easier sometimes to celebrate in the moment and move on, forgetting those bits of news and wonderful things that happen, which is such a shame

I'm working on a few projects which will be ways of celebrating and remembering these moments which I'm looking forward to sharing with you. I'm also working on trying to take a moment to enjoy the moment too! Life moves so quickly and sometimes we get so bogged (haha, what a dumb word) down with lists and deadlines and day to day stress that we forget to enjoy the little things. I spent time with my gorgeous and lovely Nanna yesterday talking about memories, people no longer with us, and silly things on the telly - it was bliss. 

I hope you manage to do at least one memorable thing this week which makes you feel just wonderful. 

Photograph taken earlier in the year at Newmillerdam, one of my favourite places with many happy memories attached. I took a walk with my parents around the lake, all wrapped in our winter coats and hats - smiling at ducks & dogs and telling stories. I'm sure we then followed this up with tea and cake, naturally.