A Jar of Loveliness

Armed with new year optimism, and not letting a thoroughly rubbish day like today hold me back, I have been a little bit inspired by this lovely lady...

Scathingly Brilliant

So! The idea is to fill a jar or container of your choice with notes about super duper things which happen. Sometimes I write lovely things down but not as often as I should so I think this will be a really worthwhile thing to do.

I'm starting today. My notes are working back a few days to having a really good start to my year with record web visits to Oh Squirrel thanks to my nifty competition (HAVE YOU ENTERED YET?!) so that's going in there as I felt so giddy that eve!

& another lovely thing was walking through Highgate in the crisp winter air after meeting my gorgeous friend Caroline for coffee, catch up & plan making, and just being in awe at all the beautiful buildings and nature (although bloody hell, a LOT of folk have palm trees in their garden in Highgate... what's that about?!) as I walked down to Crouch End, feeling rather blessed to live in wonderful North London.

I hope with all my heart that this year will bring some momentous and big things to put in this jar, and for that I am so excited, but I think we must always remember little things too. You can get so hung up on things not going right or being I'll or what not, that sometimes when you're just drifting along its good to think about and note what things in life are making you smile. I think so anyway.

I'll keep you updated! I hope this perhaps inspires you too.

Katie x