Little Boxes

Full of wonderful things

I've been having a bit of a New Year clearout! Lots on the way to the charity shop tomorrow hurrah, and a bit of a move around ready to clear more space to work from.

Whilst going through some bits & pieces, I went through one of my memory boxes and found some very funny things! Here are a few snippets of what I found.

1. An old mood board made three years ago from when oh squirrel was just an idea! I've actually just got some really good ideas for new things from this so it's always good to record your ideas

2. An amazing 1950s Valentine's card, that came complete with a record! It's from an old valentine but it's too much of a lovely card to get rid of.

3. The first tube ticket I bought when I moved to London

4. Mug shots, I've had many a hair do...

5. A lovely birthday card my wonderfully talented mum made

6. If you can guess what film poster this is from the folded up picture I took, then we definitely need to be friends

7. My first business card!

I also found film stubs, gig tickets upon gig tickets upon gig tickets, old Polaroids, toys won from amusement arcades and lots of letters.
Do you hang on to special things too?

Katie x