Valentine Card Competition - Last Shout!

Hello lovely folk, I hope you all had a splendid weekend

Just to say I'm closing the Valentine Card competition in just under two hours so if you have any last minute entries please send them my way. Details of the competition are here:

As a brief summary, post what lovely lyrics you'd like to have on a card and I will pick one of my favourite 5 entries at random (there will be a blindfold involved to avoid favouritism!) and make the card for the person who put those lyrics forward.

I've started to get Valentines cards into my shop, so if you don't win you could always buy one of these, or drop me an email about making your for you - full details will follow when I announce the winner

Here's the updated shop link if ya fancied having a bit of a nosey, I will be posting a blog about this in the week too as I'm still finding my feet with the whole etsy thing and getting used to non face to face selling

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Oh how is it Monday tomorrow already...

Katie x