New Year, New Rules

I am superstitious. You do not, I repeat NOT put your new shoes on the table, salt must always go over the left shoulder, greet a lonely magpie or forever regret it, always ALWAYS mention "White Rabbits!" on the first of the month (ideally the first thing that comes out of your mouth!) and if you want to even think about walking under a ladder, then turn around.

Yes, so thirteen and I, well we're going to get along just swell...

Número thirteeno aside, I have big hopes for this new year. I'll turn twenty six, and on the eve of this birthday I will order my final young person's rail card. There you go, that's one plan. Now with everything else, there's a great big fat TBC looming over...

So for now, here are the resolutions I am making for myself. I don't want to change myself, I'm happy with who I am, it's just things that I think will make me happier and what not...

1. Learn to be more patient. People are late, plans change, not everyone thinks the same way.

2. Listen more, in every context

3. Read a book a month - this is a big one, I think I only managed a couple last year as I just didn't have the time, and on my commute when on the bus I do web things and emails, then the tube there's barely room to breath let alone read. Recommendations welcome.

4. Be braver, say yes more.

5. Spend less money on food. This doesn't mean buying cheaper food, it means eating what I buy. I'm terrible at buying food then it going off as I have forgotten about it, or cooking something and only eating a little bit. I eat like a bird (although over Christmas it's changed from sparrow to an eagle!!) - little and often.

6. Go for more walks. I'm not going to be annoying and say "ohh I need to loose weight" because I don't. I just need to be less lazy and find the time to go for lovely walks, particularly as I live so close to Highgate Woods and Alexandra Palace. I do need a bit of toning but lugging my stuff around the markets will work just fine for now!

7. Visit my family more. Write letters and send silly post. Now my Mum has an iPad too we can FaceTime, which will be great as we can share more.

8. Less telly, more music. I wrote a blog about this a while ago.
I'm going to regain that side of myself

9. Make time to look after myself. 

10. Remember that everything happens for a reason. Stop beating myself up about things that went wrong and what could have been. Silly little things can often have the most exciting consequences.

Katie x