What's in a Name?

Often I am asked where did the name "oh squirrel" come from. Oh! & then a tale I do tell...

I am a fan of our bushy tailed rodent friends, and have been for a number of years. Whether it be from Beatrix Potter, or just counting them on the way to school, squirrels are a fond chum of mine. One of my previous favourite daft park games was having a squirrel spotting contest. I used to be most awesome at this, until I lost my 20/20 vision. During the last game of this I managed to mistake many things for squirrels, including a pigeon and a carrier bag. That's the end of that.

When I was looking to name my little venture, I went through so many options! I didn't want to do anything using my name, as for some reason the number of crafters called Katie is incredibly high! When I was little I always wanted "What Katie Did" - however the had gone to a fabulous retro look lingerie company a while ago. So I started thinking about my favourite things. Birds. Cake. Vintage. Animals. Oh, animals! But what animals? I tried birds too but nothing sounded right until squirrel, oh squirrel!

Now, the "oh" part comes from my rather flowery way of phrasing things. I have a tendency to start lots of text messages and emails with "oh" or "ooh!" so, to preface squirrel with one of these sounded cute. Plus I love the idea of it being "oh squirrel, you're so silly!"

So to conclude, the name means silliness, and animals! Which is totally what the brand stands for so I'm happy about that.

& let's face it... I love squirrelling away all my lovely vintage finds too!

Katie xx