Why I Love my Postcode

I live in N8.

I've lived in W2, that was fun but noisy and messy. N8 is in my opinion the most glorious postcode in London.

When I moved to Crouch End as a young, free and single lass of twenty three, I had some expectations but not many. You have to get a bus to the tube station, which I thought old be a pain. As it turns out, the bus is a lovely little ride where I get a seat 99% of the time, and I also get the chance to do a bit of life admin via my iPad when I'm riding it. In a very roundabout way, the bus has helped me to meet my dearest Crouch End friends.

Folk around here are nice. Lovely chap Massimo at the Haberdashery - http://www.the-haberdashery.com/ - created the BEST event called Barboot which is a monthly late night shopping event which encourages local artists and vintage sellers to get involved and sell their wares. My first venture into selling my creations instead of just making them as gifts came from doing this, therefore I really cannot be more thankful. Diane - http://icefloe.blogspot.co.uk/ - and I went for coffee, which turned into tea and amazing cake yesterday, sitting on the lovely garden of the Haberdashery, whilst we still can.

I could list shop after shop after shop which is amazing in ol' Crouch End. Instead, here are just a few of my absolute favourites:

Little Paris - for rather obvious reasons! The nicest shop, ran by the friendliest and incredibly knowledgable folk. Helené is a little bit of a hero of mine.

Rhoda - a good little boutique selling reasonably price women's and menswear, and a little bit of home. They were doing the animal thing way before it got oh so trendy so they're wonderfully ahead of the game!

Soup Dragon
A marvellous children's shop selling lovely clothes and toys. It's very eclectic and I've never failed at finding gifts for my smallest of friends

Hot Pepper Jelly
It's between HPJ and my beloved Haberdashery as to who makes the best breakfast in Crouch End. If you're undecided, then just try both. The staff are beyond lovely too.

A restaurant rather than a shop, and a really well known one too. I had my birthday here this year and it was super. Their menu is brilliant, and I've never had a bad meal. You have to book though as its always busy busy.

Scarlet Rage Vintage
A very lovely and well bought vintage shop. Not the cheapest, but that's not the purpose of this shop. I went in with twenty minutes to spare, and the need to find the most fabulous dress for an important wedding, the girls were brilliant at suggesting options, and I left with the most amazing dress that I own, for a mere £70. Definitely worth a look. There is another vintage shop further down Park Road called Painted Black, so Crouch End is pretty good for vintage options

I will return to this Crouch End loving later as without doubt I've missed lots off - Junk & Disorderly, Rileys, The Queens, all the charity shops, Gails... MY VILLAGE IS AMAZING

Anyway! Whilst I was having my complete and utter N8 love in yesterday, I took a walk, as at the end of my street is Alexandra Palace and Park. I am very lucky - it is the greatest place to while away the hours on an Autumn walk. The pictures I have posted are from this. I saw a good few squirrels and birds, kicked some autumn leaves, contemplated collecting conkers, and just generally had a pleasant day. There is a deer enclosure and duck pond - I visited there the other day but haven't had the time to load these pictures from my SLR yet. Must do! Oh, and technically Ally Pally isn't N8, just to mention...

Working in the West End in the week, then retreating to my lovely village on a weekend is just marvellous. I am a very lucky girl

Katie x