Favourite Old Photographs

Aye Up there!

After popping to renegade t'other week, I spotted a lovely box full of old photographs outside a furniture shop, and could not resist a little rummage.

These are just a few of my favourites, which at the weekend will be turning into cards! I have some other ideas for all my old photographs too, I have so many from years of collecting, so do keep an eye out for those!

It's the photographs that tell a little story which I love. I buy albums and sheets to see a family in action. I love the ones which show a real emotion and expression, and a silly moment, or a loving moment.

A few cards featuring old piccies are available from my etsy shop so do swing by www.ohsquirrelshop.etsy.com if you'd like to take a peek. Keep popping back thought as big things will be happening!

Katie xx