That Advert


A slightly different blog post to usual, but please do bear (bare?? I never know which is the correct one) with me.

I've not had an easy week, in fact I've had one of the most difficult weeks of my young life. I've got through the week part, and my "be kind to yourself" reward is an unlimited lie in. It's almost time to get up now as the sun is shining and I do have plenty to do, I just sometimes need to remember to rest.

Whilst faffing about on my iPad and what not, I decided to finally watch the John Lewis advert that everyone has been rabbiting in about. I don't watch much telly if I can help it, so I hadn't seen it the "natural" way. As soon as the music started I welled up - its such a beautiful advert.

I've always had a quirky little thing of "oh, I was born in the wrong decade" as I prefer records to downloads, dancing to drinking, write letters and send cards rather than emails, and admittedly my flat does look a little like the girl in the adverts' too. That advert really said something to me in an odd way. I've had a few technology issues this weeks when trying to set up a new phone and nothing working, where I've been made to feel very old fashioned and a bit silly. And that's fine!! I have such a long way to go in terms of sorting out my blog following malarkey and etsy shop... But when I do a classic market stall I come in to my own.

I think I'll always be that girl from another era. Old fashioned, sentimental, romantic and soppy. & that's ok

Tomorrow I'm back with my stall at the fantastic Harringay Market, maybe I'll see you there? I'll probably be wearing tweed and drinking tea

A very moved Katie xx

PS - photos taken from the advert, if you haven't seen it go to the John Lewis website, and follow the you tube link xx