Good Morning!

Good Morning!

Well, I'm having a super busy weekend - Friday night was Barboot night (the monthly evening vintage/crafters event in my lovely Crouch End) which was a rip roaring success. I met so many amazing people! I'm starting to have a really funny thing of customers who recognise my cards as they've received one! It's a lovely feeling, and the feedback I'm getting makes all the late nights and sore fingers completely and utterly worth it. It was lovely to meet some other fabulous traders too, swapping tips and advise is invaluable.

Yesterday was tunnel vision... Wedding wedding wedding! The wedding I'm working on is in two weeks! Well, two weeks yesterday, thirteen days today, tick tick tick. Not feeling my most chirpy squirrelly self I has a big sleep and then spent the day stripping and dying fabrics, as well as working on menus. This made me feel rather hungry though...

Today however is a well deserved (I think so anyway?) day off! I'm going to the Olympics! Together with my lovely friend Caroline, we're going to see the technical duets Synchronised Swimming! I'm really excited to see the Olympic park too, however literally as I'm writing this sentence I have just heard thunder. So, I think it'll be a sensible brolly day, and having ironed the worlds cutest little play suit to wear, I think I'm going to have to rethink my attire for the day! Wellingtons perhaps?!

I hope whatever you're up to this weekend it's lots of fun, I will have lots more news and blog updates over the next week as there's so many things I'm working on that I can't wait to show you!

Katie xx