10 Things I've Learnt From My First Stint as a Wedding Designer

Yesterday was the wedding I have been working on for... Ooh, how long... thelast couple of months! An eight week engagement meant we worked fast and we worked hard!! However no detail was left not thought about. Many more photographs to come, however here are a few things I have learnt from balancing my dream of being a wedding designer, with the challenge of a tight deadline.... and working a full time job!

1. Plan your time. Then expect to double it. Things will go wrong... Printers will break, sewing machines will have a massive strop... and everything will take twice as long... But it will all be worthwhile in the end!
2. Spellcheck everything. Five times.
3. Learn to make quick decisions. If something that looked good on paper isn't working out, scrap it and move on. Be shrewd and don't waste time unnecessarily.
4. Ask for help! People love to come and get involved with a bit of crafting! Always have tea and biscuits on tap!
5. M&S ready meals are awesome. Surviving on toast is not.
6. Planning is absolutely key. Working out your critical path and then updating it every day with manageable to to lists is very wise.
7. Keep the bride updated! If they know everything is under control then you will be keeping them very happy!
8. The groom will call you on the morning of the wedding with a change to the table plan...
9. Learn to take a compliment! I am rubbish at this and get very embarrassed. At the wedding I felt absolutely overrun with emotion, and every little word of praise made me want to cry even more! In a marvellous way though!
10. Everything, absolutely everything is worthwhile! Bloody fingers from sewing your finger, sleepless nights, mess... Everything is worthwhile, because doing this is the MOST AMAZING JOB IN THE WORLD!

Love from Katie xx