Holiday! Well, kind of. It's been a while since I've taken any time off, apart from the odd half day here and there to allow me to prepare for a market. So to have a week, a whole week away... well, that is a treat.

I wasn't supposed to take any "work" things with me, alas I couldn't help it! Just over twenty four hours into my trip I have read a couple of craft/home magazines cover to cover, and embroidered an emporer penguin, and a hungry giraffe enjoying some grass.

I've visited the zoo (first of many trips) and already planning some works based on this. I also have plans for bird watching... What over twenty something girl takes binoculars in holiday with her!

I must say, "turning off" is remarkably hard. It is quite a skill to be able to turn oneself off from day to day reality, and just "be" for a week. After ice creams and skimming stones on the beach, I can safely say that London life is slowly slipping from my mindset!

Katie xx