Ok, that was a little bit silly... What I've really been up to is BADGES!

I have wanted to expand my offer in to cards with badges, as well as a few little ranges of pins too, and have been in the market for a badge maker for a while. Now, being a little bit silly, and having many a pleasant experience in the past with a lovely "Badge it" I thought I could just buy a kids badge maker and that would be that.

Unfortunately, "that" wasn't "that". Said badge maker then gave me a whole night of stamping my feet, whispering profanities and sulking. It was not doing what it said on the box. It is now en route back to its maker.

I have been very fortunate as to be able to hire a proper badge machine since then, a proper heavy badge making machine! So heavy in fact that after carrying in my rucksack for about twenty minutes, I almost burst into tears outside topshop. It is a beast! & I am delicate!

As well as being a beast, it's just wonderful! So far I've created some lovely little bits and I'm so excited about making more! I'm running out of pieces though so I'm having to be a bit selective. I've got some cracking ideas for packaging, and I just can't wait to have them on my next stall, and of course in my up and coming etsy shop.

A final note is a thank you to the lovely chap, Simon, who hired out the machine to me, and also is the runner of the most marvellous book shop in North London. Do remember to support your friendly local businesses! I got some brilliant book recommendations whilst I was there and will certainly be stopping off more often.

Katie xx