Emma Cook Animal Jumpers

I love animal jumpers. This is a fact, my collection of animal clothing in general is vast and spans seasons and seasons. I'm one of those childish people who always likes to remind people that I liked it BEFORE IT WAS ON TREND *sits back down*

One day I will post photographs of my collection, if folk would find it interesting?!

On my last day of faffing at home before my return to London, I found these beauties by Emma Cook. Years ago (six infact!) I did a season at the Emma Cook design studio which was an eye opener. I adore Emma Cook clothes and always have - her playful way of mixing traditional vintage inspired shapes with carefully designed tonal prints referencing lots of my favourite things is something I find both refreshing and modern. Whilst on this placement, I sanded down and varnished owl brooches (these were amazing, I will find a photo!), hand stitched dresses, cut patterns and did all sorts of general design bits and pieces. I was nineteen and naive and this was a great introduction to have difficult and cut throat the design industry really is. I also find a dead mouse, I screamed. I might have even cried.

Anyway! I super like these jumpers, and it has reminded me of a wonderful influential designer. I can't really wear pastel colours as I look a bit of a div. Perhaps you can!

Ooh and if you fancy buying one, they're £60 from topshop (for 50% wool content I think this is marvellously priced, don't get me started on knitwear compositions...)


Katie x