Yorkshire Adventures

Today I went to one of my favourite places in the world. Hidden between dreary South Yorkshire ex mining towns is this absolute treat of an antique centre.

I will tell more of my purchases later, but for now here are a few photographs of the place itself, and some bits that I found but didn't buy (bigger house required!)

[Until I sort out the whole blogging on iPad thing, my photographs will all appear in a line together, I will remedy this soon I think it may be a tad annoying. Super thank you to awesome Dianne (www.diannetanner.co.uk) who pointed me in the direction of afterglow which is much easier than the photoshopping I was doing deviously to circle things. Give me a month or so and you won't recognise my digital self, I'm working on it... working hard...]

1. Through the car window
2. An amazing date thing. I sure would like, but I'm soppy and I'd leave it on a special date like I do my date stamp.
3. Squirrel. There were lots, I photographed few.
4. Here is another.
5. I bought one of these as a Christmas present! Here is the rest of the gang..
6. Royal stuff
7. I did buy this, it is beautiful
8. I LOVE coloured glass, and brogues. And I am a cliché
9. More
10. I would like to play this game please
11. Copper pans, oh how I want thee
12. Home, sweet home

A very excited, Katie x