Upon the success of some of the more manly cards I made in recent months, I've decided to give this area a bit of extra care and attention. I had to actually buy a card (I KNOW!) yesterday as its my Dad's birthday this week and all my supplies are back home in London. The selection in the shop was awful, and I mean awful. Fishing, football, cards, drinking, cars... As females we'd complain if all our card selection offered was ponies and flowers*

So anyway, one of the books I bought to work with is a 1964 boys annual. Have a look at the pictures I've taken! Ooh well being a man is all about punch ups and sport, apparently. It's very funny in an ironic way, as I view most things in modern life, but actually it is pretty sexist!

Katie x

*don't worry, I'll still have some ponies and flowers in the range amongst many other things, I like 'em!