T'was the weekend before Christmas...

The weekend before Christmas was all about becoming festive.
It's pretty crazy what I managed to cram into a single weekend, but hey ho - time management seems to be a good skill o' mine.

Sadly, I didn't get to photograph much of it as my blumin' phone decided to die a death part way through, and come back for intermittent periods of time. But here are a few snaps!

Sunday we visited markets in Angel, Spitalfields and Columbia Road, and then drove across London (potentially a daft idea, alas I was driven not the driver!) to park up by Harrods and then go ice skating at the Natural History Museum. I wish wish wish I had photographs of this, however I don't, just nice memories. Oh and I didn't fall over ice skating once! That's a great big success in my eyes. Columbia Road was amazing, we arrived near to the end of the market when the trees were going for just a few pounds! I decided that the first Christmas. Spend in London, I'll go along and buy up lots of plants and flowers at last minute, and make my flat (or house, this will probably be way into the future!) into a proper Winter Wonderland. Oh & we went there too! Winter Wonderland is funny...

Walking through the Christmas lights on Bond Street was beautiful too (again, sadly no pictures!) as well as a quick visit to St Albans, which I'd love to pop back to in order to adventure properly.

Christmas memories are what ya make them!

Katie x