I'm Going to Fall in Love Again

I'm in a rut, musically speaking. As most folk, I love music... but I mean I really love music. One of the main reasons I moved down to this London town as a teenager was the knowledge that pretty much all the bands I loved (that were still going) played here. At eighteen I'd happily go to a gig on my own, no question, then probably leave with a whole new set of friends. Who is that brave girl and where did she go?

I'm not sure when or why anything changed, but over the past few years I've felt a tad distant from my record collection.

It shouldn't be this way.

Technophobe that I am, I've finally managed to link up my iPad and mac to become chums, now I have music on my iPad. Only about a quarter of my collection though, but it's better than the sad little selection of downloads which I had before!

When I did the little range of music badges for fun, it was amazing to cast my mind through the words of the greats who have shaped my thinking.

So, in my current theme of "sort your life out, Katie", I've come up with a list of musts to be completed by the end of the year:
1. Go to a gig on my own. Nod along, sway or toe tap if the mood takes. Be brave again.

2. Have a week away from XFM and get back onto 6music. Write down folk I think are awesome and find out more. Also listen to the radio late on a night.

3. Make playlists. Good ones.

4. Find a free Saturday (ha!) and go record shopping.

5. Continue to avoid that silly singing problem.

6. Make mixed CDs and do swaps! Any takers? I even have a cassette player to be well and truly retro...

7. Find an amazing 90s club night. Feeling Gloomy does not count. Dress like Shirley Manson and prance about like nobody is watching.

8. Get at least one song played on the radio. Ok I've actually already achieved this one this year via my favourite show Jarvis Cocker's Sunday service (I might have had a small athsma attack of excitement when he said MY NAME) #groupie

9. Find a film when an amazing soundtrack, then sit in the dark and watch it on headphones. This would be a marvellous hangover idea actually...

10. Well, I'm not going to write all the rules now, let's leave one open...

Katie xx

PS - don't judge me in the amount of musical soundtracks I own!