Live Market Blog!

Ooh I do love a bit of market blogging action

So! This eve is Barboot, and probably the first Winter Barboot of the season, judging by the weather! In case you were wondering what Barboot is - it's a monthly event on the first Friday where lots of the amazing local businesses in Crouch End open late and allow local artists, designers and vintage sellers to set up a stall in their shops. It is a wonderful community event and hundreds of folk flock to it each month to buy lovely one off pieces.

My stall is in Little Paris, who let us use props from their shop on our stalls which is brilliant! There is wine and nibbles, so fun is pretty much a guarantee!

It's the first Barboot where I've had a good range of Christmas stock ready, and having been on a "Comp shop" today, I'm raring to get back in my studio and work on other new bits too! This month I've also got a whole new selection of badges and mirrors, and handmade envelopes too. I love to try new pieces out for every event, it gives a reason for my lovely customers to always pop by and say hello.

Speaking of which, I do LOVE my customers, the wonderful folk that they are! When I hear stories of how their friend/aunty/grandad loved their Oh Squirrel card, I'm always so thrilled and so proud! It's especially great when they pop back for more!

Hopefully it'll be a good night, I'll let you know how it goes... I'm going to join the fun after publishing this as I feel rather antisocial at the moment!

Katie xx