Little Things

Autumn blues are setting in, this is true. I'm realising I probably need to replace most of my tights as they've all got a tad bobbly, and knowing how much the gas charges have gone up I'm reluctant to whack the heating on just yet, opting for a big jumper instead (and with a huge collection of animal jumpers, I think I'll do just fine for a while!).

So as the blues are kicking in, I started thinking about little things that make me happy, make me smile or chuckle:

* Brushing my teeth with a freshly charged toothbrush
* Getting nice post. Bills don't count, postcards, letters & magazine subscriptions do
* When a special text message lights up your screen and makes you smile
* Getting my favourite seat on the bus, especially if there's...
* A cute chap on the morning commute (or the evening one, I'm not picky)
* Getting new Blog subscribers *waves*
* The little scratchy noise when the needle starts feeling the bumps on a record, then MUSIC!
* Cosying up with tea and a blanket, preferably with cuddles. I need a cat.
* Having iTunes on shuffle, then a perfect song to sum up the day coming on
* Someone saying thank you
* Being made a cup of tea in my favourite mug without even being asked
* Friends who even though I say I'm ok don't give up asking.

Katie xx

PS - have a sneaky look at my come shopping page to see why I'm working so hard, the diary is filling up!