Can't Buy Me Love

When I was about nine I was in a dancing show we did a tap dance to this song, and quite a few years on I still remember the routine (behind, side, front, side, behind, side, tapstep, ball change - it was pretty basic, but we sure did have CRAZY outfits!)

So yes! Tomorrow is my first venture as a stall holder rather than shopper at CBML market. I'm not sure what to expect really, although I have super high hopes of a crafty jumble sale. It's funny that whatever event I do, there's always a different atmosphere and customer base, and therefore a different best customer! I have high hopes that my l'il rock 'n' roll badges will go down a treat. I've also made special bat and masked lady badges especially for this event, with a spooky treat attached - limited edition y'all!

Fingers crossed this will be a good one! Ooh and Happy Friday folks!

Katie x