Escaping London

I've had a couple of days (although it feels like merely hours) away from London visiting my family in Yorkshire. I absolutely love going back up North, but with a full time job, and then spending my weekends doing fairs and designing new things, it's often hard to fit it in. I was texting my mum about helping me do a little bit of sewing in the run up to Christmas, and realised that this weekend technically was free so decided to ask her if she'd prefer if I dropped it off in person... to which she happily said yes! Short notice trains are super expensive, however it was more than worth it!

It's been seven years since I moved my teenage self down here (in a taxi may I add, but that's another story...) and even though I do consider myself a London lass, I do love popping back up North. As well as having my amazing family up there, it's just a completely different bit of the world and I love it. Where I'm from isn't idealistic Yorkshire, the moors, rolling countryside and combined harvesters - it's ex mining town Yorkshire with its splendidly warm communities, charity shops and excellent sense of humour. A lot of the humour I use on my cards without doubts comes from my upbringing, so I'm thankful for that!

Yesterday morning we popped to my favourite craft shop to stock up on cardboard and see what Christmas stamps were on sale, then in the afternoon my mum, dad and I went to Wetherby to do the charity shops, have a coffee (although I had to have a smoothie as one thing that does annoy me is the lack of lacto free options in coffee shops up North, however I do remind myself it's not Crouch End, I am spoilt!) and then sat by the Weir willing the families of ducks to stay together against the tide. In the evening Mum and I swapped out crafty magazines and books to get ideas, and then started doing some bits of work between cups of tea and chocolate. I fitted in a surprise visit to my amazing Nanna too which was just lovely, she is one of the most amazing people I know and I'm very lucky to have her.

Possibly the most tame weekend I've had in a while, but a marvellous one. I just hope next time I can escape for a little longer!

Back to doing some work on the train anywho! I'm not having the easiest experience as the chap sat opposite me has kicked me a number of times and shoved my stuff off the table... not perfect...

Katie, somewhere in the Midlands x