List of a Sunday

Things I like about London on a Sunday:
Sunday breakfast and Sunday roast. Day of food.
Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service
Going for a walk in the park or the woods.
Doing markets, and when I'm free going to them as a customer
Having a lie in without worrying about the time (ok, that's been a while...)
Having a big bowl of hot chocolate in the Haberdashery and making lists
Catching up on recorded telly programmes on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket
Phoning my Mum for a big catch up
Playing "guess what sort of event is at Ally Pally" based on the folk on the bus
Baking flapjacks or muffins for lunchbox treats. Licking the spoon too.

Things I don't like about London on a Sunday:
When tube lines that I need are down
Couples holding hands (sorry, single girl bitterness, it'll pass!)
My local shops not opening until twelve
Counting down until Monday morning on a Sunday night!
Sport, go away.
The West End being full of tourists...
Silly singing program on the telly