The Story 

One very important thing about everything Oh Squirrel is that there is always a story behind every product...

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Oh Squirrel is a British-Made Stationery and Gifts Brand, specialising in handmade products, with a friendly and personal approach. Back in January 2012, designer Katie decided to stop thinking about setting up a brand, and do it... a New Year’s Resolution that actually worked! From her bedroom, she started to make cards, crafting from old finds that had been squirreled away for years. After a few local markets, online orders and shop enquiries started coming in.

Four years later, Oh Squirrel runs from a studio in beautiful Muswell Hill, North London. Pieces are crafted with care and attention to detail, and sold online and in retail outlets all over the world.

Katie has designed bespoke pieces for Weddings all over the world, as well as handmade over 5,000 Hen Party sashes. Even with exciting growth, the core values of being a personal and handmade brand remain at the very heart of Oh Squirrel.

The ethos is simply to produce inclusive and original products, which both evoke and create memories. 

For more about Oh Squirrel, please have a watch of the video above, made by the wonderful May I Say Productions